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James Knight

James Knight ~ Feng Shui Photography

San Diego, CA


I am a photographer, video producer, artist, and interior designer specializing in Feng Shui.

My photographs are taken with a passion for beauty inspired by nature. I look for images with repeating patterns, textures and colors that mirror the interconnectedness of life. These images really "come alive" grouped in arrangements of three, five, six and eight. Feel free to comb through the galleries and pick and choose your own combination.

My art has the intention to energize the interior spaces in your home, business environment, boutique hotel, restaurant, resort, spa, healthcare, retail, and other public spaces.

I often collaborate with architects, designers, and home owners. These fine art prints are also available in custom sizes. Email me with your ideas and it will be my pleasure to co-create with you.

Please contact me if you are interested in a Feng Shui consultation or would like some help with interior design.

"Activate your space with conscious design and allow it to be a mirror of who you are who you are becoming." James Knight


Newest Images

Water Element

Wood Element

Fire Element

Metal Element

Earth Element

Love and Romance Gua

Wealth and Prosperity Gua

Career and Life Journey Gua

Children and Creativity Gua

Family and Community Gua

Fame Gua

Helpful People and Travel Gua

Knowldege and Spirituality Gua

Health and Unity Gua

Peach Blossom

Mountain energy for office

Sacred Geometry

Peace and Serenity

Inspiration for New Beginnings


Sunrise and Sunset




Power Animals

Lotus and Water Lillies

Arial Landscapes

Tropical Landscapes

Woodland Landscapes

Beach Landscapes

Desert Landscapes

Mountain Landscapes

Winter Landscapes

Solid Colors

Abstract Light

Archived Photos

Yoga Retreat to Sayulita Mexico

Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica